yoga practices I offer include:


hatha / vinyasa

himalayan kundalini 

kriya yoga

prenatal yoga





Himalayan Kundalini Yoga
ancient tantric practices for the modern world

The tools I share are rooted in the ancient teachings of the Yogis, who lived high up in the Himalayan mountains, the very mountains where I lived, learnt and studies these teachings. These practices developed as access points for finding God (oneness, unity, infinity, source) within ones self - through deep meditation, energy practices, non-dualistic tantric philosophy and self enquiry. 

Contemporary mind-body research and modern science support the foundational wisdom of the Yogis.
We are understanding more and more the importance of meditation and stillness, 
as well as the healing qualities of gratefulness and deep presence. We are learning that the nature of the universe is energy, light, and movement.

The intention of this practice is to expand and master your energy, and to realise the divine spark that exists within and without. 

Deepen in connection to your Sacred Self.
ecome your own healer.
Realise your innate 
Connect to your flow and abundance.


Himalayan Kundalini Yoga is a powerful, dynamic combination of practices which create an opportunity for deep shifts at all levels.

Nourish your mind, body and spirit. Expand your consciousness.
Drop limiting 
beliefs and behaviours that don't serve you.

Heal deeply rooted trauma, shift emotional and energetic states, release blockages and patterns that keep you stuck.
Enhance the nervous system. Boost Immunity. Optimise and tune into the power of the heart's electromagnetic field.
Heal, rewire 
and support your brain, hormones, and neurochemistry.

Experience your own growth. Taste bliss, find your flow.

Realise the power of your body, energy and intention. Reconnect with your own inner wisdom and sacredness. 

This dynamic practice includes











Through the practice, we find a doorway to the full spectrum of our human experience. We move through intensity, invoking our fire, our warrior, we flow into tenderness, connecting to the goddess, our playful inner child, our loving and compassionate hearts. Peeling back, layer by layer, the illusions and stories, until we stand before ourselves, powerful, soft, and unafraid. Wmeet ourselves, fully.

As we journey into the depths of ourselves, we always come back to stillness.


breath work that heals and enlivens

Kriya and Kundalini yoga

- awakening our vital life force energy

- these practices come from the tantric tradition, harnessing the body's electricity
- activate innate 
- release long held cellular memory
- rewire our neural 
pathways and invigorate our entire being



- poses, flow, moving the physical body
- balance, 
integrate, and ground the intense energy we create through kriya and breathwork 
- sink into the earth, stretch to the sky
- twist, expand, and drop deep into your beautiful body



- invocation
- intention, 
sound, and vibration have powerful effects on the body, mind, spirit.
- nourish and expand the heart's magnetic 
field, enhance the chemistry and functionality of the brain.



- clarity and creativity arise from stillness
- connect to the wisdom within, let nature guide you to your centre

 and timeless Yogic Wisdom, sprinkled throughout every journey