Energetic Embodiment Session

Do you desire to feel more energised, empowered, embodied and in alignment?


Are you ready to go deep, move through what holds you back, and step into your radiance?


Energetic Embodiment sessions are designed to allow you to tap into your energetic potential - to access the fullness of your vitality - unlock your creative capacity - enhance your energy - and unearth your most fierce, loving, vibrant self.


I work with ancient tantric kundalini yoga practices, kriya, breathwork, meditation, movement, and sacred ritual.
I also share deep feminine wisdom, sacred archetypal practices, and the keys to living in alignment with your natural cycles. 

Through powerful energy and embodiment practices, and my gentle loving guidance, these sessions are custom designed to support you, wherever you're at in your journey.


If you know you're made for more.


If you sense the untapped potential bubbling within you.


If you're ready to step into your fullness, and shed what holds you back.


If you're ready to release old wounding, trauma patterns and victim identity.


If you're ready to witness your own intensity, power and passion.


If you're ready to feel nourished and at home in your body.


If you're ready to be guided by your innate wisdom.


If you're ready to live in flow with your creative cycles.



Embodiment, to me, is a profound connection to Self.


It's your deep inner knowing.


It's connecting to the truth of your heart, body and soul; realising their innate wisdom.


It's listening carefully when your body speaks to you.


It's hearing the subtle guidance of your energy,  your higher self; that soft voice within.


It's being able to tap into your ferocious lioness, or your soft tenderness, depending on what's needed. 


It’s harmonising your masculine and feminine energies, so you can flow with more clarity and creativity.

It's your perfect balance of peace, power, presence and passion.


I specialise in energy work.


The practices I share create profound and immediate shifts in people's consciousness; in their physiological, mental, energetic and emotional state.


I have an immense collection of tools to enliven, to calm, to inspire, to invigorate, to empower and to assist you in stepping into your highest potential. 

Who are you?
Who do you want to be?
What is the deepest longing of your soul?
What does your most empowered, embodied, energised life look like?

In this session we explore where you're at in your journey with Self. We ask where are you flourishing in your life, and what areas you might like to shift, focusing on healing, abundance and growth. We investigate what kind of goals can we set up for you to move into the experience you're seeking from life. In this session we can explore where you're at, and begin to formulate a plan for your spiritual, physical, emotional and wellbeing goals. This booking can be treated as an introductory session as we begin to look at daily practices you can incorporate into your life, such as yoga; movement, kriya, meditation; eating habits, nutrition and food choices; female embodiment practices and connecting to your creative cycles, and a variety of other offerings, depending on your goals and desires. We use this space creatively, really moving in the direction that best fits your personal growth and development.