• Katherine

A Thank You, in times of uncertainty.

To everyone that is doing the work.

To everyone that is meditating, practicing, breathing deep. To everyone nurturing and nourishing themselves, however that looks. To everyone that is supporting family, friends, community, loved ones. To everyone that is doing their best to add lightness to our global sense of shadow, even in the seemingly smallest ways.

I bow to each and every one you. The work we do to nourish and heal ourselves truly does impact the collective. When we devote energy towards healing, nourishing and centring ourselves - it doesn't only benefit us, but everyone in our lives, and beyond. Every person that directs their energy towards love, instead of fear, and to presence, instead of chaos, positively impacts the whole. We are an organism. The health of the whole is dependant on each of it's parts, and the way they come together. Each time we bring ourselves into a receptive, centred state, we heal.We always have the power to make a positive impact. Through the one thing we truly have control over: Ourselves. Our energy, our actions, and our consciousness state. The more energy we devote to healing, the more healing we will experience, collectively. So dance, play, kiss a plant, make a cup of tea, meditate, call a friend, do some yoga, get your toes in the grass, take an online class, kiss your dog, stroke your arms gently, embark on a creative project, pick some flowers, write in your journal, put on some beautiful music, take some deep, juicy breaths.We are much more powerful than we realise. Our energy, our intention and our presence are vital. The way we show up to ourselves, in the privacy and sacredness of our own hearts, it matters. So find that still centre. Take some deep, steady breaths. Find that place of trust and safety within yourself. Your body is your home, and you are always safe here. When we move into presence, into the now, arriving fully, to this moment; we move out of fear and into love.

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