Personal Practice 

Development Package

Together, we design a routine that puts you on the path towards your mental, spiritual, health and wellness goals. Create daily ritual, shift old habits,  get inspired, and create space to connect deeply with your Self.

Who are you?
Who do you want to be?
What is the deepest longing of your soul?
What does your most empowered, embodied, energised life look like?

We begin by exploring your journey and relationship to Self.
Where are you at right now, and where would you like to be. 
Where you are flourishing in your life, and where do you need to shift the focus to healing, abundance and growth.  
What is standing between you, and the experience you're seeking from life.
Together, we will develop for you a Personal Sadhana, a plan for your spiritual, physical, emotional and wellbeing goals. 

Sadhana is something one does each day, for the growth and advancement of the Self. Simply, a Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice designed to allow oneself to turn inward and perceive life as it truly is. Everything can be Sadhana. The way you eat, the way you sit, the way you stand, the way you breathe, the way you conduct your body, mind and your energies and emotions.

I will help you develop a Sadhana that feels nourishing, achievable, exciting and healing for you.
The first step is your willingness to show up, to delve into this work, setting aside time in your day just for you. Congratulate yourself for nurturing this desire to grow, and do not underestimate the power of your intention - your willingness to invest time, energy and attention in yourself is huge. 

Your Sadhana will be tailored specifically for you; your life, your desires, your goals and your vision. It will incorporate yoga asana, movement, kriya, and meditation techniques that resonate with you.
We will discuss eating habits, nutrition and food choices
We can delve into embodiment practices that connect you deeper to your body, and for women, your reproductive and creative cycles.
Our goal is to bring awareness to the way you hold yourself throughout the day, the way you think, act and feel. The choices you make and the ways you show up for yourself every day are powerful. 

There are so many practices and technologies that we can explore, depending on your goals and desires. We use this space creatively, really moving in the direction that best serves your personal growth and development.

Once we create a plan for your Sadhana, I will break down the techniques and practices for you, and we will practice them together. From there we will maintain email communication and weekly check-ins for accountability. I want you to practice, this is for you. Our mutual goal is your flourishing. 
I am here to support and celebrate your success. I root for your rise. 

In the followup sessions, you're invited to bring into the space anything that's been going on for you, questions about the practice, any shifts and changes you notice in your mind, body and life. Exploring anything new that arises for you, and adjusting or adding to your Sadhana as necessary, we will ensure you're feeling connected and excited about the new routine and powerful shifts you're creating in your life. 


1 month package  

1 hour 30 minutes initial session
15 minutes followup sessions 1 per week for 1 month

email correspondence for accountability - you email me every time you do the practice.