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Friday 16 October 2020

Collective Healing Centre, Newtown, Sydney 

A fierce, loving  call to women who are ready to be immersed in sacred space with sisters: Within this container of deep feminine wisdom, we celebrate and ignite our connection with the moon, our own bodies and each other. 


Join Katherine, founder of Wild Glow Yoga, for an evening of sacred ritual, breathwork, human connection, and Energetic Embodiment practices. 


The New Moon is a powerful time to gather intentions and draw them into the next cycle. 

The intention of this container is to bring a deep reverence and sacredness into our every day, whilst moving from FEAR into LOVE.

How are you choosing to experience this life?

..from a state of fear, or a state of love? a struggle, or as a dance? 

Together we will move the way love makes us move. 


Everything in life is exactly as Sacred as we make it.

The container will be infused with the intention of bringing more magic and reverence into our lives. We will share a balance of practical tools to gather, ground and stabilise, as well more esoteric practices to sense, feel and expand.


This immersion is a potent transmission of empowered, dynamic feminine - strength, fearlessness, fierceness, compassion, clear expression and creative flow.



Our immersive journey will involve

  • meditation

  • ancient tantric technology

  • kriya and kundalini practices

  • breathwork

  • free movement

  • cyclical living womb wisdom 

  • somatic techniques

  • essential oils 

  • creative channeling 

  • intention setting 

  • space to share, feel and Be.

If you feel this in your heart, if this resonates, join us.