I am Katherine, the founder of Wild Glow Yoga.
I share Tantric, kundalini, breathwork, meditation, movement and embodiment practices. 
I am an Energetic Embodiment Coach, Master Sattva
Yoga Teacher, and holder of the Feminine Mysteries. 
At the core of my work, I am here to expand and nourish your mind, body & soul. 

I have spent a large portion of my life travelling the world, exploring it's wonders, tastes, cultures, and lessons.
I have spent several years studying Meditation, Tantra, and Yogic practices in the foothills of the Himalayas of India, with Yogic masters and Spiritual leaders. 

I am a plant based, qualified chef. I am passionate about cooking and creating with beautiful, nourishing, fresh, colourful, living ingredients. I've worked in many fine dining establishments, but cooking at home 
for those I love, eating with my hands and playing with my food, is most dear to my heart. 

 I delight in barefoot walks through mossy forest, having my skin caressed by swirling ocean, the sight of mountains rising around me, as fertile valleys hold me in their belly.

I am constantly in awe at the way we are inextricably connected to the pulse of nature:  
our bodies fuelled by sunlight, our cycles governed by the moon. Earth, water, fire, air and ether course through our veins. We ebb and flow, with these subtle rhythms of life. 

Dance connects me to my essence. I find incredible ecstasy, presence and fulfilment in pure expression 
through movement. I love few things more than dancing; connecting to sound, energy, my own body,
and the earth beneath me.

For me, embodiment and healing are found through breath, sound and movement. 

I take great joy in exploring the simple, sensual pleasures of life; closing my eyes to savour a ripe juicy peach
as it dribbles down my chin; taking a deep, slow breath and feeling it fill my whole being;
tracing the outline of my own face with tender, loving fingertips; whirling through space to music I adore. 

The most regular of experiences can be profoundly sacred and powerful, if we choose to live consciously, reverently, and with intention. 

My passion lies in guiding others to see the magic and wonder in their own lives. I show up as non judgemental, practical and deeply nurturing. I offer my complete presence and compassion, as I hold space for you to express yourself. I honour each individual, and their situation. 
I meet you where you are at, as I support you on your journey of awakening, growth and healing. 

Official  Training: Yoga

Sattva Yoga Academy 500h 2018
Sattva Yoga Academy Master Training 2019
Prenatal Yoga 2018
Advanced Sattva Yoga Academy Initiator modules:

The Science and Energetics of Kundalini 2019
Conscious Leadership Facilitation 2019 

Advanced Meditation Initiator 2018 

Dasha Mahavidya: Tantric Goddess Wisdom Facilitator 2018 - 2020 
Feminine Mysteries and Sacred Birth Work:
Deep Inner Knowing :  Wisdom Keeper  2021 
Mama Glow Doula Trainee 2021