Himalayan Tantric
Meditation Initiation

Sattva Meditation is a mantra and kriya based meditation technique stemming from the Himalayan Yog-Vedantic tradition. This is a comprehensive, simple and effective technique which consists of breath work, kriya and mantra.

When practiced 20-30 minutes daily, it can benefit all aspects of ones life.

Sattva Meditation is a unique style including Kriya (practices working with the energy currents of the body), from the Babaji Lineage, and bija mantra (primordial sound) meditation techniques, stemming from the Himalayan tradition.
These practices have been passed from teacher to student for thousands of years, maintaining their sacred and powerful presence. 

This technique balances the brain, opens the energy currents in the spine, and creates a stable, grounded, yet expansive energetic field for the practitioner.

This private initiation includes an introduction to the practice and benefits of meditation, initiation to the Sattva Meditation technique and receiving a personal mantra.

There will be weekly 15 minute check in sessions for 1month post initiation. Initial Initiation is 2-3 hours in length.