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✨Coming in the new year ✨


Join Katherine Rebecca, founder of Wild Glow Yoga, 
for an evening of breath, connection and expansion. 

Experience your own capacity to RELEASE, HEAL and ENLIVEN, through the technology of tantric breathwork. 

✨Cosmic Breathwork✨ is an opportunity to go deep within yourself; 
Become aware of the BLISS that moves through your body. 

These practices are both accessible and POTENT. 

The Energy shifts that occur in these sessions are PALPABLE.


Our breath is incredible medicine - a healing tool accessible to everyone.
The breath techniques we will practice in this workshop encourage the release of old patterns, shifting trauma and invigorating the mind, body and spirit.

When we master our breath, we master our mind. 
When we master our mind, we master our life!

Experience Ancient Himalayan-Yogic practices, Kundalini Kriya Yoga and Tantric breathwork - technology which has been honed and practiced for centuries by humans deeply devoted to the evolution of Self. 


We will practice a range of breathing techniques during this session. Some of these techniques are simple and gentle, some are more dynamic and intense.
Some are soothing and calming, some are more activating and energising. 

This event is suitable for anyone, whether you're brand new to breathwork or you've been practicing for years. You will be guided through every technique with care, as you journey your own energetic capacity. 

Sovereignty is key. You know yourself best, and you have full autonomy during this session to meet your own edge. You can go as deep as you desire, and ease back any time you need to. You are fully in control of your own experience. 

Our practice will be balanced and dynamic, creating an integrated energetic experience, leaving you feeling calm, centred, alert and aligned.



Feel alive, present, and safe in your body. 

Feel your own energy, potent and ignited.

Feel nourished deeply, in the here and now. 


Benefits of Cosmic Breathwork: 
- De-programme and Rewire the Brain
- Calm the Nervous System
- Reduce Anxiety and Stress
- Correct our Energy Systems
- Oxygenate the body, nourish and enliven at a Cellular level 
- Relase toxins and dense, stagnant Energy
- Improve function, capacity and health of the Lungs
- Balance and nourish the Nervous System
- Shift our mindset
- Increase clarity, compassion, courage, connection and curiosity
- Expand heart intelligence
- Detox and Alkalise the body
- Balance thoughts, feelings and emotions 
- Create the inner conditions needed for healing on all levels


Through your breath, you have the power to feel expansive, connected, joyful, present and ALIVE. 

There are more benefits to these practices than could possibly be named or described.

To know something, you must experience it for yourself.

These practices change lives. Come and experience yourself.

✨Coming in the new year ✨