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Breathwork: Exploring the Power of Breath 

Our breath is powerful. Through it, we have the potential to 
invigorate, heal, ease, and empower ourselves.


Being able to breathe is our primary requirement for life. A person can go days without water, and weeks without food, but only minutes without breath - and yet, we barely spare a thought for the quality of our inhale and exhale. It’s very common to take small, shallow breaths, and we are often entirely disconnected from our bodies and our breath.

So many people have no idea how powerful they are. 

When we begin to develop a relationship with ourselves, through presence, intention and breath, we open ourselves up to incredible experiences of expansion, sensation, bliss and sovereignty. 



This book is an invitation: to tap into the power of your breath. 

Better understand your physiology; the brain, the heart, the nervous system, and how breathwork effects these systems of the body. Combining the ancient wisdom of the yogis together with modern science, we deepen our understanding of the subtleties, benefits, and wonders of breathwork. 

Prana, energetics, emotions, awareness, conscious breathing, the habit of being, living a life of balance, and breaking free from stress and anxiety, are some of the themes further explored within this informative, accessible and expressive text.  


Also shared within this book is a selection of powerful Breathwork practices, to calm the nervous system,
settle the mind and enliven the whole self.  

You'll be guided through 9 activating and stabilising breath practices, from the Himalayan Sattva Yoga lineage, complete with discussion, benefits and a breakdown for each technique.
There is a video included with each practice, allowing you to clearly see the technique, and follow along. 

This is ancient technology, and it is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. 


This book is beautiful as an entry point into breathwork, for those who are curious to know more about the importance and potency of the breath, and equally relevant for those who've been practicing for a while. The practices are vibrant and powerful. 

If you practice even a small portion of what is shared in this book, you will experience positive changes in your life. 

The breath is the pathway to your most clear, centred and grounded self. 

This is an invitation to begin the journey home to yourself.


It all starts with one, long, deep breath.